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Tomassi Galanti (Italy)

For over 60 years, the history of the company is based on a passion for our work and ideals that combine the value of accumulated experience with the constant study of technological innovations and market trends, finding the best materials and monitoring lifestyle changes. This is the mission of this family.
The evolution of the company is in full swing. For brothers Giacomo and Giovanni, radical rebranding, the creation of a new head office, investments in new technologies and thorough product research are the main elements of the company's growth and advancement in the future. This is how Gea was born - a collection inspired by the power of natural materials such as wood and marble, steel and bronze, brass and glass, interpreted according to an exclusive design vision. The materials, finishes and accessories selected by the client will be harmoniously combined with each other, bringing to life a personal, incomparable idea of the kitchen.
Many of those who work for Tomassi Galanti have spent most of their working lives with the company, and each has contributed to strengthening values ​​and concepts. They try to convey to young people not only them, but also an attentive, almost touching attitude to materials and details. It employs a team of highly qualified specialists, craftsmen who, together with suppliers of excellent raw materials and innovative technologies, can guarantee the production of first-class products.

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