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Home interior

Italian sliding systems

Italian sliding systems have long become popular around the world.

There are a huge number of advantages that make them indispensable in any home:

- A huge number of color and design solutions;

- a variety of styles;

- selected materials: glass, metal, wood;

- ergonomic;

- security;

- wear resistance;

- durability.

In the standard interior design using one or two door leaf.

The cost of sliding systems is much higher than swing systems, but it corresponds to quality.

Italian sliding systems are made by highly qualified specialists, thanks to which they are perfectly worked out, thus avoiding problems such as jamming, rattling and bumps.

The roller system allows the sliding door to move effortlessly.

Also, for it there is an automatic and mechanical system of movement of the valves.

Automatic more often used in stores, shops or shopping centers. Its only downside is the lack of electricity, mechanical installed in offices or homes.

In addition to all this, the system should also be beautiful. A good option in this case would be solid wood and glass doors.

Italian factories are among the best, their sliding systems are surprising in their design and durability.

Exclusive sliding system

Exclusive sliding systems are located in any status house or office.

They should be:

- reliable;

- aesthetic;

- functional;

- ergonomic.

Exclusive systems have a modern finish, unique decor and are developed according to advanced technologies.

High quality and selected materials and reliable mechanisms are used for their production. Also, tempered glass of various shades, which is decorated with painting. Exclusive coating that mimics the skin, metal, plastic and mirror surface gives spice.

Sliding systems are supplied with special closers that allow them to close without unnecessary noise.

You can be sure that you will get a first-class product if you purchase an Italian sliding system.

Sliding system in a modern interior

The Italian sliding system will help to beautifully decorate the interior and highlight the modern design of the room. With their help, you can distribute space into uniform zones, thereby saving territory.

They are made from high-quality environmentally friendly materials. Differ in different design and style.

When mounting the system uses the strongest hardware. Modern Italian technology and high-quality raw materials allows you to get a unique well-developed product.

Italian sliding systems are endowed with several advantages:

- not prone to deformation;

- resistant to mechanical damage;

- resistant to temperature and moisture;

- durable.

After going through all the necessary stages of the production process, the elements of the sliding systems are able to decorate any modern interior.

Elite door partitions

Italian furniture is rightly called the highest quality product, regardless of style, ranging from classic to modern.

The best traditions of Italian manufacturers surprise with unsurpassed quality and exquisite design.

Elite door partitions in Italy are distinguished by their special appearance and shapes.

Our company cooperates with a huge number of factories, which makes it possible to choose a product from an extended range.

Distinctive features distinguish Italian partitions compared to others:

- unique and perfect design;

- various designs (radial, standard, single-wing, double-wing and with right and left opening);

- high quality material;

- functionality;

- cost (tremendous matching of price and quality).

Elite door partitions are not devoid of aesthetic appeal. With their help, you not only get a multifunctional product, but also decorate the interior of your home.

Door partitions today are in great demand, so their range is so diverse.