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Italian plumbing: brands and style

Italy is considered to be the standard of elegance and luxury. Italians painstakingly approach the creation of all elements, especially plumbing.

Italian plumbing has long been known around the world due to its high quality, level of performance and original design.

Sinks, mixers, shower cabins, bidets, jacuzzis, toilet bowls and urinals are in great demand.

Italian-made plumbing is an example of balanced solutions for decorating a bathroom or toilet.

Among the large assortment you can find interior items that are distinguished by their particular brevity and contrast.

Also, among the Italian details of the toilet entourage presented a huge selection of wall and floor tiles.

Italians always think through all the necessary components for each room.

They give particular preference to the combination of white and gold.

Separate attention deserves Italian sanitary engineering in retro style, the main advantages of which are:

- unique design;

- rich finish;

- Antique design and sophistication;

- smooth bends and texture.

All products are equipped with expensive accessories of gold, silver or bronze color.

For the decor, hand-painted and decorative patterns are used, which give the plumbing of Italian antique refinement.

These interior elements are ideal for rooms in the ancient style, for the modern they will seem slightly fancy.

Vintage style complement the vintage jewelry.

Rococo, Baroque, Gothic, Victorian and Renaissance identically will go well with antique sanitary ware.

Aged antique motif and luxurious reflections make it a bright accent in the interior.

Retro style Italian sanitary ware is a chic and versatile detail.

Luxurious plumbing

Modern plumbing performs various functions, such as:

- aesthetic;

- hygienic.

With its help, you can transform any bathroom or kitchen.

Luxurious plumbing is distinguished by its exquisite design and selected high-quality materials. Each leading manufacturer uses in its manufacture of environmentally friendly raw materials. This is the finest handmade sanitary ware that looks very elegant and expensive.

Luxury Italian sanitary engineering is an amazing combination of high technology, quality and unique design.

Mixers manufactured in Italy are a guarantee of ease of operation. They are made of copper, bronze, chrome, brass and gold. For their decor using laser engraving or rhinestones.

To date, popular are called the ball-valve and faucet mixers.

Luxurious plumbing wisely combined with the finishing of the room and the overall design solution.

Plumbing premium

For connoisseurs of beautiful eminent designers specially created premium class sanitary engineering.

It is made of high quality materials that are durable and wear resistant.

Bright and avant-garde solutions, decorative and exclusive functionality practicality in everyday life - these are the main advantages of premium class sanitary ware.

With its help, you can arrange the bathroom and make it more extraordinary.

A wide range of products, its magnificence, a wide range of sizes and configurations make it possible to choose the right element for the interior.

It is not necessary to work as a designer to make the right choice in favor of plumbing premium. She is able to create an amazing atmosphere of comfort and coziness.

Italian showers

The shower cabin is rather multipurpose option of water procedures. It is placed at home, in sports and dance halls. This is a beautiful, comfortable and elegant bathroom interior.

Italy is considered one of the best in the manufacture of showers.

When choosing a shower, you get a first-class product that confirms your high status.

Italians have learned to combine comfort, elegance, chic and practicality. Showers are of unusual shape, style and with rich functionality.

Today in the world there are a large number of their models with different price ranges.

One of the famous brands is Jacuzzi. Plumbing this factory thought out to the smallest detail and all the elements complement each other.

Bathroom faucets and sinks

Italian bathroom sinks have long been the best example of quality, style and reliability.

Famous designers create ergonomic objects of various models and colors. With their help you will be able to realize the most original ideas of arrangement of your bathroom.

Italian sinks and faucets have many advantages:

- selected materials;

- unique methods of glazing;

- a huge range of products;

- original design.