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Italian wardrobe furniture

Every woman dreams of a large personal wardrobe, with which she could arrange things and save the room from shoes, clothes and accessories.

The design of the wardrobe should be bright and at the same time practical. Everyone wants a beautiful, spacious and elegant dressing room.

Basically, it does not have windows, which means that an important issue remains a selection of correct lighting, while lamps and chandeliers should not be too bulky.

Regarding furniture, then a good option would be designs that can easily be moved.

An indispensable element is the cabinet and the multiple presence of shelves.

If you allow the area of ​​the dressing room, then you can arrange a chair and a small coffee table.

Also, an integral part of this room can be called a mirror. After all, you always need to evaluate your appearance before you leave. If you acquire several mirrors, you can view yourself from all angles. You can put a wardrobe with a mirror door. It is not only beautiful, but also practical.

An important moment in the development of the idea of ​​the design of the Italian wardrobe is the selection of colors. It is desirable to use light colors without unnecessary shapes.

Proper layout of this room is already half the battle. Convenient when the wardrobe is next to your bedroom.

Italians know how to combine such things as luxury and practicality.

Elite dressing rooms

Elite dressing room - this is one of the most extravagant solutions in the arrangement of the house. It is so important to have a room where you can place all your clothes and accessories.

It is the designer elite dressing rooms that have a list of advantages that distinguish them from all others:

- high-quality selected materials;

- You choose the layout yourself;

- Premium finishing (wood is treated with lacquer, and in the decor mirrors and metal parts are used);

- inlay with semiprecious stones;

- exclusivity (cabinets of this format are developed individually).

Thanks to the properly designed dressing room, you can easily find and pick up the outfits that will now be in place.

Our company is able to offer you the elite Italian dressing rooms with magnificent design.

A large number of different, shelves, drawers and mirrors - this is their basis.

Dressing rooms of the premium class - this is the main manual robot, which is carried out by the best masters of our time. They stand out against the background of others with their multifunctionality, manufacturability and elegant design.

When developing the project, professionals take into account the interior features and the dimensions of the area of ​​the room.

All elements of elite dressing rooms should be in harmony with each other. This will ensure ease and comfort in the environment.

The most common styles in the manufacture of luxury dressing rooms are: Empire, Baroque, Rococo and Antiquity.

Cloakroom in a classic style

Classic style is a direction that will always be relevant. It is ideal for those who prefer the interior with a respectable and luxurious view.

Cloakrooms in a classical style are placed near a bedroom or a bathroom. They have a significant number of advantages:

- are created exclusively from expensive materials, thanks to which they look aristocratic and rich;

- Exquisite fittings are used - unique door handles and locks made of ceramics and copper;

- all the details are made more elegant;

- luxurious lighting elements;

- correctly chosen and calm tones;

- a large number of mirrors.

In the layout of classical dressing rooms are used:

- n-shaped;

- linear;

- Parallel.

The presence of a dressing room in the house ensures the order of location of things.

Italian wardrobe systems

If you have a couple of free meters in the apartment, it will be reasonable to make a dressing room that will not do without a wardrobe system.

There are several types:

Linear dressing room

This design resembles a closet, but without its usual filling and facades, and along the other wall a storage system is installed.

Corner dressing room

This is a modification of the usual dressing room. It is suitable for any type of room and size.

U-shaped wardrobe

This form of construction is suitable for a long room. For its basis take a short wall of the room.

Wardrobe with parallel placement

It is located along two opposite walls. Ideal for a walk-through room.

L-shaped wardrobe

It is located along two adjacent walls. One of the walls is used all along its width.

The most suitable interior of the dressing room can be considered a loft style. Metal racks and open chrome and glass shelves look very stylish.