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Italian mattresses

For a healthy and full sleep you need not only comfortable furniture and high-quality bedding. The most important addition is a well-chosen mattress.

Mattresses of Italian production are considered the best.

The mattress is a piece of soft and elastic material that is able to take the shape of a body. It consists of several layers that perform different functions.

For the production of Italian mattresses using the highest quality materials and the latest technology.

A wide range of products allows you to choose the bedroom element that is really suitable for you.

An additional quality is that different zones of elasticity are thought out, also double-sided coating and vacuum packaging, which makes it possible to reduce the volume of the mattress when moving from one place to another.

Italian mattresses have a number of expressive advantages:

- Italian quality;

- the price is fully consistent with the quality;

- warranty period of service;

- durability and wear resistance.

 Elite orthopedic mattresses

Orthopedic mattress is designed to reduce the load on the spine and proper blood circulation.

Elite Italian mattresses are completely made in Italy from the European high-quality materials.

In their manufacture, only natural fabrics from famous Italian manufacturers are used, they are pleasant to the touch, do not lend themselves to electrification and with good heat regulation.

Orthopedic mattresses without springs are characterized by high rigidity and are made of artificial materials (artificial latex and water-latex). Covers are made from one side of cotton jacquard, and on the other - from natural sheep wool. Decorated in vacuum packaging.

Thanks to thermostatic fibers, they provide maximum comfort and do not retain moisture.

Innovative technologies and high-quality raw materials, modern equipment and full control of production guarantee a first-class result.

Premium Mattresses

Sound and healthy sleep is a source of good mood and well-being; therefore, it is so important that it be complete and comfortable.

One of the pledges of proper sleep is a perfectly mattress. It should not be small in size, too soft or hard on the contrary, otherwise you will not be able to rest comfortably on it.

The main function of the mattress is to maintain the spine in one correct position.

A premium class mattress will be a particularly good choice. They are made of high quality materials, modern equipment and meet all the necessary criteria for functionality, filling and design.

The quality and durability of mattresses is confirmed by certificates and positive customer reviews.

Premium class mattresses are distinguished by comfort, durability and expensive appearance.

Expensive mattresses Magniflex

Good and high quality mattresses - an indispensable thing in any bedroom. They cost accordingly, so you want to pay money for a really significant and necessary product.

Magniflex products are unique and high-tech mattresses. The company has been working on a first-class product for over 50 years. All products are invented, created and tested in Italy in the city of Prato. Careful control of the manufacturing process of the factory and attention to detail have won the trust of many.

In the process of creating products using innovative machines and the latest innovations in the field of textiles. Thanks to this, the company occupies a leading position in the international arena among other manufacturers of mattresses.

In 1986, the company invented and patented the vacuum packaging of mattresses "memory mattresses".

Products began to gain momentum in the global and domestic markets under the trademarks Magniflex PierCardin, Materassi & Materassi, Dormir.

The factory consists of two manufacturing companies: Magniflex S.p.A. and Alessanderx S.p.A.

Magniflex mattresses are recognized as orthopedic products. This is confirmed by certificates from different countries, such as: Russia, the USA, Italy, Australia and Japan.

Magniflex Merino is one of the most bought. The monoblock is made of flexible polyurethane foam of high density, and the cover on the one hand is made of wool merino wool, and on the other - of cotton.

Buy Italian mattress in the city of Kiev and Lviv

Today, ordering an Italian mattress in Ukraine has become much easier. We can help you in this not an easy matter. We have two salons in Kiev and Lviv. You will receive a full consultation at any time regarding all the characteristics of the mattress.

Italian mattress is a reasonable choice for connoisseurs of beauty. Moreover, it is ideally combined with Italian furniture.

Already, many have appreciated Italian pomp and luxury.

Trust the right things!