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Legged Italian sofas

One of the most comfortable and functional pieces of furniture is a sofa with legs. You can lie on it, sit, read, work at the computer and it is quite ergonomic, which allows you to place it in any corner of the house.

They are different in shape, style and model.

Italian sofas are famous for their high quality and durability.

Their frame is made of natural wood of solid varieties. In the role of upholstery used high-quality textiles.

They are not inferior in quality and characteristics of furniture in other countries.

In our salon you can buy a sofa of any price policy, and a large color palette will help you choose it according to your interior.

Luxury leg sofas

Italian designers invent the best luxury leg-length sofas. Smooth lines, soft curves, exclusive decor have long been their main components. Factories always offer a wide range of products that are designed for people who appreciate respectability and high cost.

The unique design is distinguished by exquisite patterns, ornaments and other elegant decor. Some elements are decorated with carved details, draperies and appliqués so that the sofas look very impressive.

Elite Italian leg-length sofas combine harmony, royal luxury, innovative design solutions and the best traditions of modern times.

The main advantage of Italian sofas is the wood of selected high-quality wood, which contributes to its durability and durability.

As filling, only hypoallergenic materials are taken, thanks to which the sofa turns out to be comfortable and convenient.

Elite sofas have a list of advantages:

- respectability;

- original design;

- excellent value for money;

- the highest quality;

- environmentally friendly materials;

- exclusive decor;

- reliability.

Luxury Italian leg-length sofas are a mix of versatility and the best traditions.

Italian banquettes

A banquette is a small sofa, which is distinguished by compactness and functionality, a piece of furniture, which is distinguished by its configuration.

It has the form of a soft bench without a back and most often is located near the foot of the bed. Sometimes chairs are attached to it.

There is also a model with a back, which is mainly used in classic designs.

Banquettes with boxes specially provided to save space and space.

The stool can be of various forms and models that are easy to move around the room.

Italian banquettes are one of the most elegant components of the interior.

Designer stools

Italian designer stools are able to decorate any interior. Their elegance falls in love with itself from the first minute and is able to add a highlight to any decor.

Designer banquettes are graceful and fit almost all styles and for any room: living room, bedroom, dining room and hallway.

They are made only from the highest quality materials and go through all the necessary processing steps.

There are several advantages that distinguish them from others:

- ergonomic;

- comfort and convenience;

- hypoallergenic;

- high quality.

Thanks to our company, it is now possible to order and buy a designer stool in the city of Kiev and Lviv. Our managers will advise and provide complete information on all models that interest you.

You deserve the beautiful!