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Luxury Italian mirrors

A mirror is a necessary element in every home. Before going to an event, we always evaluate our final bow, and without a mirror it cannot be done.

Italian mirrors are considered a true work of art. In their production only Venetian glass is used and with the smallest attentiveness approach to the creation of parts.

Particular attention is paid Italian factories rimmed mirrors. The frame for them is made with various finishes: silver, bronze, gold, carving, inlaid with precious stones, engraving and patinating.

Italian mirrors make the original form and with different purposes. Among them you can get: a wall mirror, a mirror in the bathroom, a floor mirror, in the hallway, dining room and bedroom.

Quite often, the mirror is a component in the furniture collection, while it is combined with other elements of the headset. Basically they are located above the dresser, but in some cases they can be an independent unit.

Making a mirror has always been in great demand among designers. This is a huge platform for imagination and creativity.

Mirrors of Italian manufacturers have a unique quality, because to create them using glass of the highest grade.

They are treated with special substances, which makes them resistant to external influences.

Classic mirrors

A mirror is an element that makes the space wider and lighter, while it is very important that it blends with the interior and does not violate the design concept.

If your home is dominated by classic style, then of course the ideal option for you would be a classic mirror.

Today's classics is a worthy example of decor, which is made according to the traditions and style of past centuries. His aesthetics and sophistication allows him to be not only an addition to the headset, but also a separate subject.

For small rooms a good solution would be to purchase an overall mirror that will visually expand the area.

Decorative mirrors

Refined and elegant Italian mirrors are widely used in interior design. They increase the space, transform and add color to any room. A mirror is an element of the interior that makes it more interesting.

There are several types of mirrors:

- Floor (consist of a frame-rack and a rotating device that allows you to adjust the angle of the mirror, these are installed in stores and large trading floors);

- Wall (they are more in demand than others, in the bathroom, bedroom, hallway or living room);

- Round mirrors (round and oval shape of mirrors allows you to decorate the bathroom, located on the dressing table);

- Large mirrors (they make the room brighter and more spacious, perfectly combined with any interior);

- With fatset (fatt is a unique method of processing a mirror that gives a facet of 45 degrees and spreads the rays of the sun throughout the room).

Venetian mirror

Mirrors of glass, similar to today's, first began to appear in Europe in the 12th century. Particularly valuable were not factory, and Venetian mirrors.

The manufacturing center of glass was the island of Murano. Thanks to the preservation of the secrets of the manufacture of mirrors, Venice has become one of the leaders in their production.

The creator of the Venetian mirror everyone calls Vincenzo Radar. It is a symbol of elegance, sophistication and beauty.

The smoothness of the glass, a clear reflection, transparency - these are its distinctive features.

In the production of the Venetian mirrors rare minerals were used, which were mined in the Venetian lagoon. The use of silica, lilac stone, alexandrite and gold made it possible to obtain a unique result.

After a short time they became a real treasure. The creative approach of the masters led to the development of new ways of making mirrors. They invented a special mixture with the addition of gold and bronze, thanks to which the reflection in the mirrors looked more beautiful.

At that time, the cost of Venetian glass was compared with the cost of a warship.

Exclusive designer mirrors

A mirror is a necessary and stylish element of the interior. Designer mirrors have achieved great popularity, with the help of which it is possible to express all your wishes in the design of this decor item.

They can be of the original form, with a unique author's idea and frame, which will be the highlight of any room.

Designer mirror is perfect for those who love bold and original solutions in the design of the house. 

In the modern interior are used as wall mirrors, and suspended. By means of them the ceiling and walls is made out.

They are able to give the room a special personality and exclusivity.