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Show-room of furniture COMODO Kyiv, Saperne Pole str., 12, (044) 221-74-99(067) 406-67-04(050) 442-30-14(094) 821-74-99
Show-room of furniture Comodo Lviv, Lychakivska 15, (067) 324-00-42

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Італійська фабрика працює з 1974 року до сьогодні. Відомий бренд випускає якісні корпусні меблі, які поєднали досвід та традиції майстрів минулого. Ру...

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The company was founded in 1963. Making a choice in favor of Italian furniture, it is simply impossible to be mistaken. After all, she has a unique ch...

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Bonaldo was founded by Italian furniture maker Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo in 1936. It all started with the production of metal sofas. Later, Bonaldo be...

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Black Tie was born in 2011 to Pierluigi Frigetto. The true beauty and recognizable style of the decor is a concrete expression that has always disting...

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Bizzotto's mission is to create furniture, jewelry and accessories that evoke emotions. To make this happen, the factory works hard every day, careful...

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