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Elite Italian chandeliers and lamps
Italians are famous throughout the world for their quality products. Among the large list of products are: sofas, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and other attributes of furniture, but special attention deserves lighting.

A rich assortment provides an opportunity to buy the right element of the interior. Chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps, a huge number of lamps and elegant sconces in the bathroom.

Italian manufacturers with laborious work and special demands are engaged in the selection of materials and parts for the manufacture of lighting devices.

High-quality raw materials are a sign of high cost and durability. Brass, copper, steel, tin and bronze are metals that make the goods immortal. Natural wood: walnut, ash, maple, oak, birch - fully complement the design. Murano glass, expressive ceramics, precious varieties of marble, onyx and opal provide an elegant and exclusive look.

One of the main advantages of Italian factories is that they use manual labor. This serves as the best proof of the quality and flawlessness of the product.

Considerable attention is paid to the design of products, over which teams of the best designers and architects work. The latest innovations and innovative solutions are used in every chandelier and lamp.

Elite lighting is correctly distributed light and highest quality.
 Luxury chandeliers: classic and a variety of styles

Always and in everything the classic style will be relevant.

Wide-format popularity reached the classical chandeliers. Very familiar forms and a neutral shade are still able to impress anyone and become the core of your bedroom, hallway or bathroom.

It is very important that the chandelier or the lamp is combined with the rest of the interior. But regarding this point you can not worry, because the Italian chic of chandeliers will suit any designer's idea.

You can not ignore other styles: amazing Baroque, Rococo, Empire, art deco, glamor, modern and modern.

The nobility and elegance of Italy is reflected in all in its own way.

Different colors, gentle pastel shades or catchy tones will drive mad and help you to go to the far Italian countryside.

The beauty and majesty of the Baroque impresses with the design of the past centuries and fascinates with the scale of the heights.

Chandelier in the modern Italian style is impossible not to notice. High ceilings, long corridors will live a separate life thanks to her.

Correctly selected lighting can supplement or destroy even the most original interior.

 Italian chandeliers in the Art Nouveau style
To choose a chandelier for a house in our time has become a challenge.

A huge selection of products and its diversity on the one hand simplify, with another complicate the process.

The attributes of lighting can be divided into functional content and styles.

I would like to draw your attention to the geometric style of Art Nouveau.

Lamps and lamps in this style correspond to modern design traditions and latest innovations.

Bold and at the same time sophisticated solutions designers are not only in the design.

 Proportionality and aesthetics, harmony and practicality are the main qualities of modern goods.

Modernism in combination with any interior will still remain an individuality and a standard of style.

If you need to emphasize the uniqueness of your mansion, then its extravagance will help in this.

General stylistics in addition to the elements of Art Nouveau will acquire new colors, and the atmosphere of the room will change for the better.

The versatility of this style will make the interior design simple and trendy.

Table lamps and floor lamps
Regardless of which room you are in, it should be well-lit.

At work, a lot depends on the correct lighting. The first important factor is the burden on the eyes, because this affects the organization and effectiveness.

The radiation of the lamps is ideally the best warm white light. Excessively bright or on the contrary dim light will strain your eyes and they will get tired.

The conical or trapezoidal shape of the plafond provides good lighting.

Desk, hanging and floor lamps can be a complement to the main light. This is another point that indicates that it should be excessively bright.

 No less popular among the lighting items was a floor lamp.

A good floor lamp is a comfortable rest and quiet atmosphere.

It can be located in any corner of the room.

There is a huge variety of floor lamps, namely: a floor lamp, a decorative floor lamp, a desk lamp, an arched floor lamp and for reading.

The floor lamp provides the room with a soft and muted light and creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Decorative floor lamp will fill your home with original forms and its pretentiousness.

A desk lamp can decorate the bedside cabinet or chest and create a favorable environment for relaxation.

With the help of an arched floor lamp you can retire somewhere in the corner of the room and not disturb others.

A floor lamp for reading will allow you to enjoy your favorite book without extra light.

Thanks to these lighting elements, you can solve all problems concerning light and comfort.

Design chandeliers: famous factories and brands in Italy
Good and correctly distributed lighting can decorate even the most ordinary interior, especially if it's designer chandeliers.

Italy in the production of lighting is considered one of the first countries in Europe.

Crystal chandeliers fascinate with their wealth and elegance.

Our company represents a huge number of well-known factories that have become fundamental in this industry.

Each catalog of factories is thought over to trifles. The best designers and architects work on its creation.

Also, we present the lighting attributes of such countries: Germany, Portugal and the Netherlands.

Our store represents exclusive and unique products.

Products of famous Italian brands are distinguished by the highest quality, durability and reliability.