Contacts Comodo salon
Salon of furniture Comodo Kyiv, Sapernoe pole 12, (044) 221-74-99(067) 406-67-04(050) 442-30-14(094) 821-74-99
Salon of furniture Comodo Lviv, Luchakovskaya 15, (067) 378-62-02
Salon of textiles Comodo Textile Kiev, Podvusockogo 1, office 61, (044) 503-31-04(067) 537-50-78

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Collection Tube factory Pacini & Cappellini

The history of the company Pacini & Cappellini began from the creation of pieces of furniture necessary for daily life and health of people.   Thanks ...

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Lamp Calipso factory Marchetti

Lighting has always been quite an important element in the interior. Italian factories have already won the trust of many customers. The Marchetti com...

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Sofa Cooper

Provasi is a modern Italian factory, which since 1970 has pleased its customers with its luxury and unsurpassed chic. International success and coloss...

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Kitchen Fendi Cucine

Since 1948 the factory SCIC Spa Cucine d'Italia has become widely known for its chic and exquisite products. The company has been producing kitchens f...

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Collection Cement Mexican factory Iris Ceramica

Iris Ceramica is one of the leading manufacturers of ceramic tiles. Quality and innovation are the main principles of the company. Fresh ideas create ...

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