Contacts Comodo salon
Salon of furniture Comodo Kyiv, Sapernoe pole 12, (044) 221-74-99(067) 406-67-04(050) 442-30-14(094) 821-74-99
Salon of furniture Comodo Lviv, Luchakovskaya 15, (067) 378-62-02
Salon of textiles Comodo Textile Kiev, Podvusockogo 1, office 61, (044) 503-31-04(067) 537-50-78

Home interior

Lidia Romanets

The head of the studio Comodo

Do what you should and it will be what will be!

Yaroslav Bondarchuk

Regional manager

Just do it!

Elena Yankova

Salon director

To achieve the goal you need first of all to go to it!

Natalia Tkachenko

Manager FEA

There is nothing impossible for a person who has a dream!

Tatiana Kudelia

Site editor

What you do with your soul is always good!

Ekaterina Sliva

Manager - designer

You can afford it!