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factory Alchymia

The Italian factory Alchymia began its activity since 1977. Its founder is Lucio Doro, an Italian artist who always applies the maximum amount of effort to produce spectacular and interesting furniture.

In the creation of products, he uses various elements related to culture: China, Japan and Egypt.

Laconic forms and lush decor complement each other and embody the equation of modernism and neoclassicism. This is a combination of rigor and bold geometric shapes, ethnic patterns, unique ornaments and the brightness of correctly selected colors.

Modern and high-quality materials give the product incomparable chic and Italian luxury. Leather, ivory, aluminum, silver and wood of rare breeds are a sign of prosperity and an indicator of the highest class.

The decor uses mosaic elements, gold leaf, bas-relief carving, silver foil, engraving and painting.

One of the big pluses is the fact that all furniture and accessories are made by hand.

All masters of the factory are working to get a perfectly developed product, which would fully correspond to the wishes of the client.

Unique unique design, expensive wood species are the main components of any Alchymia product.

Upholstered furniture, hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms and accessories - a large assortment allows you to fully furnish your home.

Any element of the furniture factory Alchymia will be a bright accent in the house.