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Seven Sedie (Italy)

In 1965, Diego Piva founded a workshop where he could build what he did best: wooden chairs. Maintaining high quality and opening new projects, a small carpentry shop has become a company capable of constantly expanding.

Diego's ability was rewarded by the realization that he had given life to something important.

After long years of driving, Diego Piva decided to transfer the team to three historical employees: Massimo, Federico and Luca. Today they are at the top of the company, wanting to continue the original philosophy, combining innovation.

With enthusiasm and ideas, new managers have developed a brand that keeps faith with the principles of quality and individuality, positioning it as a guide for the Italian style. A safe structure, which guarantees the soul of Seventi, to collect permanent market innovations.

Advanced control system provides accuracy and flexibility. Behind the machines, however, there are people: thanks to which Sevendie always demonstrates his creative and unique side.

Beechwood, precious fibers, exclusive craftsmanship: careful selection of materials is the basis of chairs and environments.

One of the company's principles is solidity: customers, employees and suppliers have for many years been involved in the growth of a brand, often in exclusive relationships. Serious and reliable guarantee of the company.

The company has ethically chosen to refuel only from realities where reforestation is practiced, actively contributing to the wellbeing and maintenance of the environment.

That's not all: Sevensedie decided to invest in renewable energy, creating a 158.7 Kwp photovoltaic system capable of covering the entire production needs.

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