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Roshults (Sweden)

Roshults has been a global brand name agent for more than 20 years in the field of furniture, decoration and accessories manufacturing, and has already taken top positions in Ukraine and other countries.

Roshults are furniture that is perfect for your garden and lounge area. Stylish and elegant outdoor cuisine and premium barbecue will emphasize your daring exterior design.

Also among the products of the factory are sunbeds, chairs, carts, tables and, of course, a huge amount of accessories for the pool, gazebos or verandas.

The basic principles of the factory are luxury, elegance and modernity. And all this chain complements the extraordinary quality of the materials used in the production of products and, of course, the architectural design, designed by the best designers of our time. The use of selected teak and stainless steel is a confirmation.

Roshults furniture is a wonderful Swedish quality, due to which each project is not limited to detail.

Such a delicate approach to production guarantees the reliability of structures and their durability.

Multi-functional cuisines will simply be a bargaining chip for your dacha. With their help you can calmly cook and at the same time rest, because they are so constructed that everything will be at your fingertips.

The irreplaceable Roshults factory furniture was created to simplify life and please its customer.

Outdoor barbecue, grill
Bar chairs
Luxurious Indoor Daybed
Monaco Lounge
The Kitchen Island
Luxurious & Contemporary