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Altrenotti (Italy)

Since its founding, Altrenotti has chosen systems for rest and sleep with its main products.

Altrenotti is always a place for meetings and new developments: a symbiosis of processes and production, technological research and the everyday reality surrounding us.

From the moment of its birth, the company considers "welfare systems", in particular for sleep and rest, as the basis of its research and the driving force of the production strategy.

Altrenotti Research Center constantly develops and combines two main aspects: on the one hand - the need for comfort for health, on the other - the most advanced technologies.

The philosophy of production of the company Altrenotti always focuses on the consumer: first of all - on his sleep and rest, but also on his specific requirements, habits and financial possibilities.

A natural continuation of this philosophy is the offer of a wide range of products, combining in a chain to create the most comfortable rest: mattresses, pillows, mattress holders, beds and sofa beds, even bed linens and accessories.

All these products are designed and built with unmatched quality standards, with great respect for the environment and with the use of advanced technologies and the latest materials.


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