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Asnaghi (Made in Italy)

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    Asnaghi (Made in Italy) (Italy)

    The region of Brianza is a special place. Even in Italy, so rich in furniture traditions and dominant in the global market for many decades, this is a unique area, which is probably the largest number of factories that produce products in the elite segment. It was here, in the small town of Meda, that the Asnaghi factory was founded more than a century ago. Lombardy, part of which is Brianza, gave the world many wonderful poets and philosophers, and furniture from the north of Italy seems to reflect the specificity of the local aura, in which the beauty of nature, the fantasy and industriousness of the local people and the respectful attitude to centuries-old traditions have merged together. The design decisions of the brand's specialists are a delicate sense of the specificity of modern trends, which is displayed in modernist collections and, at the same time, an understanding that there are some timeless solutions - and this can be found in classical style products. But in any case, it will be the furniture of the highest quality, which is easy to distinguish by the characteristic, inherent only to it, the features. A small furniture workshop has grown during the company's existence in a powerful production, whose products are in demand around the world, as each product from the Asnaghi brand is a work of art. Most collections from brand designers are truly timeless perfection regardless of style. Elegance and precision of the lines, elegant appearance, but at the same time the ultimate functionality and ergonomics are the features inherent in the factory's products. It is safe to say that virtually any Asnaghi product will fit into an eclectic interior thanks to its amazing versatility. The magnificence of decoration, a rich selection of upholstery materials and the highest overall level of performance have long been well deservedly enjoyed worldwide success. In the classical compositions, like the atmosphere of the Renaissance, in modernity, the energy and drive of the present time, in combination with the perfect proportions and recognizable style, makes the products of the trademark in demand and desirable.