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Alchymia (Italy)

What is unique about the Italian furniture brand Alchymia?

All products produced by him are made exclusively by hand.

In the eclecticism of Alchymia furniture there is a classic style and art deco, in some products you can note oriental motifs, but in one you can be absolutely sure - it is absolutely unique products of the highest quality that can not be confused with any other furniture brand.

At the same time, the assortment of the Alchymia factory is quite wide - in the range of products of this furniture brand there are products from fantasy tables to elegant refined sofas.

Designers Alchymia, following the traditions of medieval Italian furniture makers, create masterpieces, analogues of which can be seen in museums and palaces around the world.

Widely used precious tree species, mother of pearl, metal.

In the decor of furniture Alchymia designers of the factory use gold leaf, painting, carving, mosaic panels, originally use silver foil.

Alchymia sleeping and dining sets, upholstered furniture and other products for the residential area - all this is the fruit of the laborious work of the designers of the factory, which stylize their products under the masterpieces of masters of past centuries.

They can use abstract currents or oriental motifs to translate their ideas into products, but the main condition that is observed at the same time - we invariably receive furniture of the highest quality, exquisite refined forms, while absolutely recognizable and appreciated by our customers.

A wide range of furniture, offered by Alchymia brand, will allow to create a harmonious interior in almost any given space. 

And the unique atmosphere inherent in Alchymia furniture, with proper operation and competent care, will allow you to enjoy it for decades.

Buying furniture Alchymia, you get as a bonus for many years of good mood, surrounded by sophistication and originality.

This is a real exclusive, not subject to a temporary change of values, which will allow you to emphasize your individuality.

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