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    Atmosphera Outdoor (Italy)

    Rediscover the relationship with nature through direct experience and privileged observation of the environment. Conceiving the outer space as the true space on a human scale, where time and matter merge into a dimensional whole. The continuous search for innovative solutions explores many situations, complex markets and different cultures: from the domestic environment to hospitality spaces, from the world of wellness to the care of public spaces in professional environment. This is the design and production challenge that guides us in the development of our products and projects, in the study of suitable materials and in the care of production details that make the products we create unique. This is the philosophy that accompanies our search for beauty and good living. This is our spirit, our soul of outdoor.

    All materials used in outdoor collections are suitable for outdoor living. In fact, they resist abundant temperature variations, are resistant to UV rays, water, salt and atmospheric agents in general. Atmosphera recommends covering or stowing the products indoors during the winter for a longer duration. All products have a natural wear over time, but can be regenerated with specific kits. The textile coverings are produced with high quality Italian fabrics suitable for outdoor resistance, guaranteed for eight years and manufactured by Atmosphera in Italy.