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Artistica Lampadari (Italy)

Trademark Artistica Lampadari from Paderno Dignano is not just a light fixtures company. It is an embodiment of exquisite style, high quality and elegance. Since its foundation in 1970, the brand has been in the forefront of its market segment, emphasizing its philosophy of luxury and sophistication in every collection it issues. All products of the company are very emotional and will hardly leave anyone indifferent, because incarnated beauty can not leave indifferent. The designers of the company not only follow the trends in the lighting market - they create trends that later begin to stick to other manufacturers. For almost a half century, Artistica Lampadari has become a distributor and store in many countries around the world - in North America, Australia, the Middle East countries, not to mention European countries, as the popularity of Lombardy's factory production is steadily high. Brand lights have embraced all the best - and many years of tradition, and modern technology, of course, with invariably high quality and a wide assortment. The range of products of the company - chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces, various variants of floor and wall lighting fixtures. They are different in design concept, vary in size and shape, taste and style are inherent in all models. Skillful combination of glass and metal, line precision and elegance - all this distinguishes the products of Artistica Lampadari. Most models fit perfectly into almost any eclectic interior. In addition, thanks to the versatility of many products, especially light fixtures in the style of modern and high tech, they can be used for various residential areas. There are very comfortable in the care of fixtures for kitchens, made predominantly of metal. We are very carefully approaching the interior of our home. One of the important factors that creates the right atmosphere in the room is the correct lighting. In the day we trust our sun. At the darkest times of the day, we recommend paying attention to the Artistica Lampadari fixtures.