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Agostini Mobili (Italy)

A small handicraft workshop, from which the brand AGOSTINI MOBILI subsequently grew, arose in 1963 in Tuscany, this Italian furniture Mecca, between Pisa and Florence.

Talented masters Agostini managed to create their own unique style of furniture, recognizable and loved today in the whole world.

The furniture manufacturers AGOSTINI MOBILI skillfully combine traditional woodcarving and hand finishing of details with the latest trends in furniture business.

The brand Agostini Mobili offers a wide range of furniture products, including kits for offices, living rooms and bedrooms.

Furniture Agostini Mobili - a classic of style, sophisticated chic and the highest quality products.

Products of furniture manufacturers from Tuscany can decorate any interior, create a unique atmosphere and style in decoration, emphasize the status of the owner.

The elegance of the Agostini Mobili furniture lines, the thoughtfulness of the finest details of the finishes, from hand-carving with a rich selection of coverings to a wide range of upholstery materials, the refinement of the forms of individual products and the ensemble as a whole, creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

The variety of the proposed upholstery fabrics, amazing abundance of shades and textures make even the process of choosing furniture Agostini Mobili aesthetically sophisticated action.

The main thing is to really be able to determine the abundance of proposed interior design options.

Thanks to a wide assortment, which designers create and embody in finished forms at the Agostini Mobili factory, you can choose furniture for almost any room.

The interior, created thanks to Italian furniture from Agostini Mobili will be unique and unrepeatable.

Each stage of production of Italian brand furniture is accompanied by a thorough check of the quality of the products.

Thanks to the talent of designers Agostini Mobili, the demand for the products of the factory does not depend on the vagaries of the fickle fashion.

The furniture of the Tuscan factory, thanks to its high quality, durability and uniqueness, remains in demand for many years and continues to be in the forefront of its segment.

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