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Artesi (Italy)

Specializing in the production of bathroom furniture sets, the Italian Artesi trademark was registered in the Sacile commune in 1990 and quickly won recognition both in Italy and internationally, becoming one of the leaders in its segment. Of course, in the successful formation of the company a huge role played by its philosophy - there are no unimportant trifles in the production. All details are important and relevant in assessing the product by the consumer. As a result, all furniture of the Artesi brand is distinguished not only by the original recognizable design, but also ergonomically designed in accordance with modern requirements for similar products. The company's specialists support feedback from their customers, which enables them to take into account their wishes for improving their products. Brand designers develop most collections in the Art Nouveau style, but there are also classic models, with a rich assortment and a wide range of colors and accessories to meet the demands of the most demanding consumer. The company takes care of the furniture industry traditions, which is rich in the region in which the factory is located, and at the same time responsibly reacts to useful innovations, which allows maintaining the technology of production at the present level. Trademark Artesi is very serious about choosing quality materials and environmental issues. All furniture of the brand is made of environmentally friendly certified raw materials, and thorough quality control of products is carried out at each stage of the production cycle. Every collection from Pordenone is the most personalized set that clearly emphasizes the individuality of the owner. Specialists of the brand, thanks to a large selection of models and a variety of finishes and colors, can choose the most suitable set for a particular bathroom, taking into account its dimensions and other features. Artesi bathroom collections are a restrained and precise contemporary design with unrivaled quality.