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Barnini Oseo (Italy)

The Barnini Oseo factory was created after the Second World War during a period of economic recovery in Tuscany (Italy). More and more people began to earn and gained unique beauty from the Italian masters of the cabinets. Over time, a small workshop, which did all the things to order, turned into a large company producing furniture of the highest quality. This is confirmed by the constant demand for factory furniture and positive customer feedback on delivered products both locally and internationally. The Barnini Oseo Factory is a striking example of how the Tuscan furniture maker has conquered the world with the design and quality of its furniture. Although the factory has grown into a large company, the process of producing some parts is still handmade, for example wood carving and inlay is always done manually. That's why the Barnini Oseo has received one of the most prestigious awards in the furniture industry in the world - the 1973 Eurovision in London. Also in 1997 the factory received the award at the Chilean exhibition. For more than 40 years, the factory has participated in the Milan furniture exhibition RHO Milano, which is one of the most prestigious in the world. Only manual wood carving, constant quality control of materials, Italian natural fabrics, masters experience, which is passed from generation to generation - these are the basic conditions of work and production at the factory Barnini Oseo. Already having great experience and success in the furniture industry, the factory does not stop and continues to ambitiously create new collections and improve the existing, thanks to the fresh ideas of the son of the owner of the factory Roberto Barnini.

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