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B & B Italia (Italy)

The history of the company B & B, founded just over half a century ago, in 1966 - is fifty years of bold decisions, searches and innovations. To date, this is one of the trendsetters of the furniture market. The factory was founded by Pierre Busnelli, who, thanks to his energy, skillful management and enthusiasm for his favorite business, quickly brought his offspring to the international arena. Already in the first years of its existence, the brand declared itself as an innovator in design and technology. Production begins for residential premises and offices, and also develops a segment of products for the street. The company is on the way of modernization of production and is looking for new lines and directions. Used know-how - injection of polyurethane into the finished form. In the 1970s, another burst of creative activity and search for expressive designer insights. In addition to furniture, the company develops in the field of communications, which allows you to use in the advertising of its products famous personalities - Donna Jordan, artist Andy Warhol and others. Several collections of furniture were put into production, followed by the set of designers Afra and Tobio Scarpa. During the second heyday of the classics, the company's architects continue to experiment, finding a delicate balance between traditional lines and a biting menacing design. It turns out quite successfully - the Golden Compass for the development of the wardrobe system is followed, a unique exclusive sofa is developed, another premium is similar to the above, besides the trademark is noted for the overall contribution to development. The last decade of the twentieth century was marked by several successive finds and awards, a fundamentally new (vertical) mechanism for opening sliding doors was developed, the sofas Harry and Charles produce a furore in the world market. In the twenty-first century, the trend persists - the B & B brand almost always half a step ahead of numerous competitors, again and again showing the world interesting technical solutions and continues to be a trendsetter.