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Annibale Colombo

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    Annibale Colombo (Italy)

    The factory was founded in the middle of the XIX century, precisely at the time when the Italian state gained independence and began to wear the proud title of Regno d'Italia, which in Italian means "Kingdom of Italy".

    Such changes in the state structure significantly changed the views and traditions of the local population, so in the time of change, the production of Annibale Colombo arose.

    The centuries-old experience and traditions still preserve the quality of products, and the countless finishes and use of the most diverse types of wood make the factory invariably popular.

    Connoisseurs of laconic classics choose exactly Annibalo Colombo.

    Masters of the factory own the same art of woodworking as a few centuries ago - this is one of the most important values ​​to date.

    The factory presents a variety of ideas for interior decoration, and the constant updating of the collections makes the factory more popular.